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Our goal is to provide our clients with superior service and unparalleled safety. We offer flexible access to over 4,000 aircraft – from helicopters to jumbo jets – with as little as 4 hours’ notice. We focus on finding the most suitable aircraft for each trip…



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There are far fewer luggage restrictions when traveling by private jet. You can take your child in a pram or pushchair straight onto the private Jet

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Skip the hassles and the overcrowds of commercial airlines, and travel with luxury private Jets from FLYACHARTERJET. Book today with us

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The world is full of unknowns. For us, safety is not one of them. We can depart or arrive from any of the city’s many airports. End to End exclusive experience

Safety beyond compare

Unparalleled quality and one of the highest safety standard in the industry. FLY A CHARTER JET enlists the services of Wyvern Consulting , Ltd, the most respected aviation auditor in the industry , to maintain records on aircraft and crew members

All aircraft operators meet Federal Aviation Administration regulation part 135 standards. Aircraft are checked and ckecked again.

Use “Empty Legs” To Fly Private for Much Cheaper

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Flying private is one of the most lavish ways to travel around the world — and for those who have been blessed with the rare opportunity to try out private aviation, you’re probably somewhat conflicted.

On one hand, it was probably the most incredible logistical experience you’ve taken part in, whether it’s having the entire plane to yourself or taking off 5 minutes after you arrive at the hangar.

On another hand, it’s probably such a big financial commitment that you’re second-guessing flying private every single time even in light of how amazing your experiences are.

.we’ll show you how you maintain your fancy private jet flying habits without breaking the bank too much. We’ll walk you through the concept of an empty leg, how they are different from traditional charters, and the best tips to save loads of cash on flying private.

Fly A Charter Jet offers empty-leg charters throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and Europe. Our private empty-leg charter flights allow you to get there faster and avoid the hassles of commercial travel.


How Empty Legs Are Different From Charters

Empty legs are arguably the best way to enjoy a private jet experience without ponying up the entire cost of a charter. Empty legs usually cost 50% to 90% less than a charter, which is enormous when you think about charters costing anywhere from $6,000 to $20,000 per flight hour.
For example, instead of paying $15,000 for a private jet charter between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, an empty leg can cost a fraction of that, as little as $5,000. That being said, pulling off an empty leg is much easier said than done. Because empty legs are flown specifically to reposition the jet to pick up a charter passenger (who is paying full price), you’ll need to follow the schedule of the charter passenger after you


Enjoy every


New York City as a private jet business destination is a no-brainer. The global center for economic, banking, and business growth, the Big Apple is one of the most common departure and arrival locations for business purposes.

Private business travel between large cities all over the United States and Washington DC is by far the most popular route for private air travel. The amalgamation of political presence in Washington DC, the powerhouse for global political influence and trade, and the convergence of national political figures from local areas makes private travel to and from Washington DC a commonplace

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.As a Wyvern Broker, we ensure that each flight we book meets the trip requirements established by the Wyvern in The Wingman Standard. This is an industry-leading safety standard that far exceeds the minimum regulatory requirements for air charter and was developed by Wyvern in cooperation with the industry’s largest flight departments and charter buyers


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